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The easiest road and site design software you'll ever use.

Stop the CAD struggle. You don’t need to struggle with complicated and expensive CAD software. No need to learn and re-learn complicated software for complex highway interchanges and other things you don’t do.

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Easy and interactive corridor design for road, rail, and pipeline projects across a wide variety of industries!

  • Works with a wide variety of survey data formats: total station, drone, LiDAR (recommended maximum: 10 million pts)
  • Create 3D terrain surfaces and contours.
  • Control your cross sections easily.
  • Design vertical and horizontal curves compliant with TAC or AASHTO standards.
  • Get your earthwork costs as you design.
  • Design culverts, bridge sites and more.

Unlike many other civil design software options, RoadEng focuses on engineering over drafting. Stand-alone or with your existing civil design software, RoadEng® can add speed and power to your next corridor design project.

  • Quick learning curve

    Be up and running in hours with little or no training with RoadEng®'s easy user interface. 90% of users do not require formal training.

  • Design start to finish

    And everything in between... Enter survey data, create horizontal & vertical alignments, calculate earthwork quantities, create output sheets.

  • Focus on engineering, not drafting

    Not just for CAD specialists. Our suite of products has been designed for busy engineers.

  • Real-time interactivity

    See the data. Change the design. No waiting around. RoadEng® works with you to build accurate models, design better alignments, and save earthwork costs.

  • Easily output & share

    Create .pdf output sheets. Share DWG, DGN, and LandXML files with other programs. Our civil design package works alone or can integrate into other engineering programs.

1,500+ Companies | 5,000+ Users | 70+ Countries

1,500+ Companies, 5,000+ Users, 70+ Countries
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